Carti despre vaccinare

Carti despre vaccinare, istoria vaccinarii, imunologie, imunochimie, biologie moleculara, histologie, microscopie, autoimunitate etc.

In lb. romana:

Neil Z. Miller – Vaccinurile – sunt cu adevarat sigure si eficiente?

Louis de Brouwer – Vaccinarea eroarea medicala a secolului

Dr Raymond Obomsawin – Imunizarea universala – Minune medicala sau Fata Morgana

Dr Christa Todea-Gross – Vaccinurile preventie sau boala

Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld, Nancy Agmon-Levin, Lucija Tomljenovic – Vaccinurile si autoimunitatea

Dr. Ioan Nastoiu – Patologia imunoprofilaxiei, Editura Medicala 1972

Grigore Mihaescu Imunologie si imunochimie 2001, Ed. Universitatii Bucuresti

Lucrari practice – Biochimia acizilor nucleici si biologie moleculara 2009, Univ. Bucuresti

Curs de biologie moleculara Univ Testemitanu Moldova, Chisinau, 2000

Prof Gheorghe Mustata – Microbiomul arma secreta a medicinii moderne

1964 – Indreptar de diagnostic si tratament in pediatrie

CURS Genetica Umana Facultatea Testemitanu Moldova, 2015


In lb. engleza:

1806 – William Rowley – Cow-pox inoculation no security against small-pox infection

E W Toya – Vaccination condemned by medical men – 1884

Edmund Procter – Important facts on Vaccination 1873

1887 – Creighton – Natural History of Cow Pox and Vaccinal Syphilis

1889 – Alfred Wallace – Vaccination proved useless and dangerous

1889 – Edgar Crookshank – History and pathology of vaccination

Walter Hadwen – 1896 – The case against vaccination

JM Peebles – Vaccination a curse and a menace to personal liberty 1900


1915 – Chas M Higgins – The crime against the school child

Ethel Douglas – Bechamp or Pasteur 1923

R B Pearson – The dream and lie of Louis Pasteur – 1942

1967 – Graham Wilson – The hazards of immunization

Ivan Illich – Medical Nemesis – The expropriation of health, 1976

John and Sonja Mckinlay – Questionable contribution of medical measures to the decline of mortality 1977

S D Wells – 25 amazing and disturbing facts about the hidden history of medicine

Prof Harold Hillman – Artefacts in Electron Microscopy and the Consequences for Biological and Medical Research 1980

1988 – Eustace Mullins – Murder By Injection

Prof Harold Hillman – Limitations of clinical and biological histology 2000

Dr. Suzanne Humphries – Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History

Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych – Vaccine Illusion

David Kirby – Evidence of Harm: Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic: A Medical Controversy

National Vaccine Information Center – Books about Vaccination

Medical Miracle or Masterful Mirage by Dr. Raymond Obomsawin

Dr Andrew Wakefield – Callous Disregard, 2010

Prof Harold Hillman – A Radical Reassessment of the Real Cellular Structure of the Mammalian Nervous System 2011

Prof Harold Hillman – Cell biology at the beginning of the 21st century is in dire straits 2011

Prof Harold Hillman – A Serious Indictment of Modern Cell Biology


In lb. germana:

Carti foarte vechi

Carl Nittinger – Das schwarze Buch vom Impfen – 1859

Carl Nittinger – Gabriel Clauder – Die Impfhexe 1863

Carl Nittinger – Der Kampf wider die Impfung im Volk und Parlament von England – 1867

Carl Nittinger – Staat und Volk im Zweifel an der Vaccination – 1868

Hansjakob, Heinrich – Ein Büchlein über das Impfen – 1869

Friedrich Becker – Impfen oder nicht impfen – 1872

Der Impfspiegel – 1890

Die Impffrage vor dem Strafgericht 1890

Jakob Sprenger und Heinrich Institoris – Hexenhammer 1906

Dr Bilfinger – Eine ernste Volksgefahr 1909

Dr Chalybaeus – Staatliche Lymphanstalt in Dresden 1911

Hugo Wegener – Impf-Friedhof 1912

Carti mai noi

Dr Gerhard Buchwald – Impfen, das Geschäft mit der Angst (7. Auflage 2010)

Johannes Jurgenson – Die lukrativen Lügen der Wissenschaft 2002

Joachim Grätz – Impfen eine Gefahr für die Gesundheit

Dieter Mauch – Vom kleinen Pieks und seinen Folgen 2013

Dr. Johann Loibner – Impfen – das Geschäft mit der Unwissenheit

In limba franceza

Simone Delarue – Vaccinare/Protectie: Mit sau realitate?